At TERRABITES we work together with various experts from the field. They help us in the development of new feed types and in the improvement of existing animal species. Below you will find our partners and how we work with them.

Reptile house De Earth - test location

Our new and existing feeds are tested in practice at this location. The staff of De Aarde always like to think along with us to make the food even better. In addition to being a test location, De Aarde is also a point of sale for TERRABITES reptile feeds.

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Kameleon - test location

Exotic pet store Kameleon. Here too, our new and existing feeds are tested in practice. The owner, Rogier van Rossem, has been involved from the outset in developing the first reptile food under the TERRABITES brand. TERRABITES reptile feeds are for sale at Kameleon.

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Carnivora Foundation - test location

Carnivora Foundation, shelter for exotic nocturnal and twilight animals and native wildlife. Here too, our new and existing feeds are tested in practice. Because Carnivora runs entirely on donations and volunteers, we also contribute a little to their periodic costs by testing TERRABITES feeds. Carnivora volunteers have a lot of experience with animals that come from less favorable conditions, and they can therefore help us to make the food suitable for this group of animals.

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