TERRABITES is a brand of New Generation Nutrition B.V. (NGN). NGN was founded in 2012 by Marian Peters (CEO) and Marleen Vrij (COO) as a pioneer company within the Dutch and international insect sectors. Within NGN we believe that insects offer an opportunity for the development of sustainable food, for both human and animal consumption. In addition, insects also offer innovative opportunities for alternative income and the development of a new sector.

Ever since NGN was founded, Marleen has focused on developing semi-moist animal feed containing insects, primarily for production animals such as fish and pigs. She has developed a unique, sustainable method for this, which makes it possible to produce a safe and easily digestible feed without extreme heating.

Since the use of insects in feed for production animals was not yet permitted by law at the time, NGN has also started to focus on developing and producing pet food. This type of feed was not (almost) available in pet stores yet, although there was a demand from consumers. In 2017, the first version of the TERRABITES bearded dragon feed was developed from this, in collaboration with animal feed specialists Rogier van Rossem and Joeke Nijboer. As the range grew, it was decided to keep the TERRABITES name and split the line into products for reptiles, birds, fish and mammals.