Private Label

The TERRABITES brand is part of NGN Products B.V. One of the founders, Marleen Vrij, has developed a unique, sustainable method for producing safe and easily digestible feed without extreme heating. The first semi-moist feeding and gel feeds were developed for production animals such as fish and pigs. However, the use of insects in feed for production animals is not yet permitted by law. That is why the pet food brand TERRABITES has been set up. This allowed semi-moist food with insects to be developed for different groups of pets.

The process used to produce semi-moist pet food can also be used to develop specific products based on your needs. This can then be sold under your own brand, also known as a private label. Developing a tailor-made product is possible from 30 kg.

Our product development expertise is:
  • Semi-moist food (more than 14% moisture), and yet long lasting at room temperature
  • Gel feed
  • Processing of (fresh) insects and other animal by-products
Primate Soft Flake

An example of a Private Label product developed by NGN Products is the "Primate Soft Flake". This is sold in the Zoo Specials line of the Kasper FaunaFood brand.

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